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Being a mother can encompass joy, stress, frustration, and awe. And like so many of life's best moments, the joy is sweeter and the stress is eased when shared with friends. The Pleasanton Mothers Club (PMC) provides a supportive community for families, mothers, and mothers-to-be.

We have come together to make new friends for ourselves and our children, to learn more successful parenting, and to have fun along the way!

With your annual membership, not only are you part of an amazing group of moms, but you have access to a year full of exciting and fun social events. Here's what you have to look forward to with your annual membership to the Pleasanton Mother's Club.

3 FREE Family Parties throughout the year. Parties usually include yummy food and fun entertainment for the kids.

  • The Family Harvest Party

  • The Family Holiday Party

  • The Family Spring Party

Age-specific playgroups that are sure to get you and the kiddos out of the house and having some fun. Days, times, and locations vary in hopes of accommodating everyone's schedules.

Monthly newsletter to help keep our mommies informed and up to date with the happenings of our club.

New member socials to help welcome you to the club.

Annual Mother's Day Brunch.

Monthly Moms Only events. Your chance to get out and have some fun.



Sandi Mende, with the help friend Katie Hoepke, formed the Pleasanton Mother’s Club in July 1992, making it the 22nd mothers club in the Bay Area.

In the beginning, Sandi dutifully approached local businesses and organizations to help fund a workshop to get the club off and running. The Pleasanton Police Department generously contributed half of what they needed to start the group, the rest Sandi personally funded.

She designed a flyer and distributed it to local kid-friendly establishments, the Stoneridge Mall, and to any woman she saw with a stroller. Her hard work and dedication paid off. She received 50 calls from women interested in joining the club within a two-week period.

Fifteen women attended the workshop and became the first Board of Directors: Sandi Mende, Kristi Hausmann, Jennifer Koolhoven, Susan Lopez, Kim Maslana, Frances Vaculin, Yvonne Hoppe, Andrea Holmquist, Elaine Swerdon, Rose Deming, Leslie Prud'homme, Tammy Schoonover, Cheryl Sankary, Helen Ott, and Cheryl Burleigh.

Their first official PMC meeting was October 20, 1992. They organized playgroups, holiday parties, kids’ outings, and the newsletter. And with each meeting, they grew larger and larger, gaining approximately 10 members a month. They set a maximum of 100 members and reached it in eight months. Over time, the PMC has opened membership, and we currently have almost 300 members.

Each year at our Mother’s Day Brunch, we honor a member of the PMC with the Sandi Mende award for outstanding service to the club.


Thank you Sandi!


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