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Meet Our Board of Directors

Trina Van Cott and
Julie Murphy
Membership Coordinators
April Reynolds and Lis Albertini
Playgroup Coordinator
Rowena Brain
Advertising Coordinator
Kasia Pozo
Family Parties Coordinator
Zoe Kay
Kids Events Coordinators
Moms Events Coordinators
Trista Crowe and
Meredith Kierman
Educational Liaison
Amina Halsey and
Julian Leikin Symons
Brunch Coordinator
Tricia Fjeldhein
Community Service
Jillian Clanton and
Jenni Smith
Member Planet Manager
Amina Halsey
Website Manager
Pauline Madson
Facebook / Social Media
Ann Gillard
Danielle Diaz
Past Co-Director
Lela Gutierrez