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A Message from Our Co-Directors Cheri and Lela
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Meet Our Board of Directors

Cheri Babcock and
Lela Gutierrez
Membership Coordinators
April Reynolds,  Christy Murphey, Sally Nosker and Trina Van Cott
Playgroup Coordinators
Brooke McClimans and Samantha Niesen
Advertising Coordinators
Jill Melin and 
Kasia Pozo
Family Parties Coordinators
Julie Murphy, Tania Aggarwal and Zoe Kay
Kids Events Coordinators
Amber O'Neal and
Michelle Wheeler
Moms Events Coordinators
Lindsay Macy and Trista Crowe
Educational Liaison
Amina Halsey and
Julian Leikin Symons
Brunch Coordinators
Rebecca Keenan and
Tricia Fjeldhein
Community Service
Kim Benscoter and
Lauren Cerri
Member Planet Manager
Amina Halsey
Website Manager
Pauline Madson
Facebook / Social Media
Dorenda Itzkowitz
Danielle Diaz
Past Co-Directors
Kim Benscoter and
Samantha Niesen

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